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Hi, thanks for stopping by. How are you? By that we mean how is your health? Are you currently experiencing any health issues? If so, and if we could show you a risk free way to improve your health, would you be interested? If so, please explore this web site.

You will learn all about a natural product that comes from Lake Klamath in Oregon and goes through a special process to make it a natural super food. It is sometimes called Blue-Green Algae but its technical name is Aphanizomenon-Flos-Aquae. We like to call it AFA for short.

There are only a few of the many products the company has that are promoted on this web site. That is because we know by the testimonies of people that use them that they really work.

AFA - A-Phan-i-zo-men-on flos-aquae

AFA, (a fresh water seaweed) is definitely a plant to investigate and include in our daily diets. It does not cure, or alleviate anything but can help the body and mind perform at higher levels.

What are some of the factors that have brought us to where we are? We are a nation of convenience and this has caused a dramatic compromise in the integrity of our food.  Among others there are three main reasons why our health, young and old, has declined.

Dr. Linus Pauling stated, “You can trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral."

First, Mineral deficiency:  Over farming and the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides has exhausted the soil.  Also, the soil has not been allowed to rest, year after year, decade after decade. Fact: AFA will give a perfectly wild-crafted combination of nutrients in minute amounts.

Secondly, Enzyme deficiency:  Much of the food we eat today is devoid of enzymes. It is either cooked, pasteurized or has preservatives which damages or removes enzymes.  Fact: AFA, when properly harvested, is enzyme rich.

Thirdly, Stressful Lifestyles:  Our fast paced lifestyle doesn’t leave much room to consider taking care of our health.  We jump out of bed to the sound of an alarm, rush to get started with our day and maybe even drive through a fast food restaurant on the way.  We decide what to eat based more on taste and convenience than nutritional value.  Where we should eat to live, instead we live to eat.

Functional Nutrition.  We need a new approach.  We need to consider functional nutrition.  Disease may be the absence of health, but health is more than just the absence of disease.  When you give your body good quality nutrition it can not only protect from disease, it can provide you with a better quality of life. You can have more energy, a better attitude and more  positive emotional experiences.

“The Natural Healing Force within us is the greatest force in getting well”...Hippocrates

These are some of the reasons why a Wild Food, “AFA” can be so vitally important to us today.  This is Food that grows abundantly in Klamath Lake, Oregon. This “AFA” feeds off one of the richest natural composts in the world.  Klamath Lake contains sediment layers of volcanic and glacial minerals that are up to 35-feet deep.  This makes this species of fresh water seaweed a superior source of valuable nutrition.  All plants are only as powerful as their nutrient source.

How should a person eat it?  It’s important to realize that AFA is a food source.  It is not a drug, and it is not just a supplement. It is a whole, natural food.  For most people, l/2-teaspoon to 1-teaspoon or 2 to 4 capsules or tablets per meal is a good starting point.  However we each must find what works best for us.  Some prefer to eat it with meals, others like to eat some every 4 to 6 hours.  It is best to eat it throughout the day rather than just once a day.  You don’t eat just one meal a day do you?

How safe is it? Since?  “AFA” is only a balanced, whole food, there is no risk of harm in consuming too much (as there could be in consuming a single vitamin or concentrated herb).  In fact, laboratory tests have failed to produce any toxic effects even in massive doses.

AFA also helps promote Adult Stem Cell Migration.

AFA is a natural whole food that can supply your body with nutrients that might be missing in your diet.  It also helps promote stem cell migration, a very important factor in staying healthy.


Micronutrients that are found in nature, like in AFA, offer us more health benefits than anything created in a chemistry lab.  This is at least partially because they are within a matrix of other nutrients rather than isolated.

Whole Foods Make Whole People!!!

"Let your Food be your Medicine and Let your Medicine be your Food." ... Hippocrates